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Collar sofa by Minotti

Collar sofa by Minotti

The first sofa on the move!

The rationality of design meets functionality. Minotti has created Collar, an innovative seating system where aesthetics – very balanced and refined – coexists with comfort. Collar, in fact, transforms its appearance based on the different positions taken by the arms and the back, creating a series of combinations to meet the different needs of the user.

A revolutionary sofa, which combines design and personality

collar couch minotti


The armrests and the Collar backrests can be adjusted independently in three different positions. The dynamism of these elements gives rise to a series of combinations comfortable and customizable, easily editable.


All the cushions are filled with goose down with a central polyurethane foam insert, completely removable and reversible .


The backs and the Collar armrests are solid and resistant, because they have a metal frame with elastic straps high rubber content. The insert memory foam makes them extremely comfortable and cozy.


Every detail is perfectly well-finished. For example, the ground support legs are made of metal, with black-nickel lucid and provided with protective slip nylon.

Check out the gallery of the sofa by Minotti Collar

The studied by Minotti technology allows you to customize the look of Collar to suit your needs. Browse the gallery to see all the different combinations.

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