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Icon kitchen Ernestomeda

Icon kitchen Ernestomeda

Breakthrough Technology

The genius of Giuseppe Bavuso Icon born, the pride and the flagship product of Ernestomeda.

The details that make it different Icon

Anta Air

A ventilation filter is applied inside the cabinet, which is hermetically sealed on the perimeter. The air is forced to pass through this filter, which captures impurities, extends the life of the products, prevents the creation of moisture and mold inside the case favoring air circulation.

anta air icon ernestomeda
pensile flex di icon ernestomeda

Cabinet Flex

A more ergonomic and safe opening system for a different roof.

Peninsula evolution

Exclusive pull-out table system can be easily adapted to the number of diners at the table.

penisola evolution ernestomeda
piano lavoro iconcrete ernestomeda

Iconcrete Plan work

Exclusive worktop made of quartz agglomerate that recalls the concrete materiality to the eye and to the touch.

Cupboard Indoor

Not just a handout.
It houses numerous indoor equipment such as shelves and pull-out drawers, compartment for oven, electrified back and more.

indoor ernestomeda

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