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Kitchen 36e8 of Lago

Kitchen 36e8 of Lago

The volume suspension

The kitchen 36e8 is a modular kitchen, born from the same approach on which it is based on Project 36e8 the living area, characterized by a touch of lightness compared to other cuisines Lake.

Totally different concept compared to standard configurations: each part of which it is composed is expressed according to measurements made in multiples of 15cm.
Revolution with the award-winning Good Design Award 2009 :

Fitted Kitchen 36e8 of Lake

Modular kitchen for more freedom and inspiration

With the square module of 36.8 cm x 36.8 cm there is a great compositional freedom, which break away from rigid patterns of habitual configurations.
The result is a new aesthetic language that allows you to choose freely, containers, depth, finishes and colors that inspire you, for to show off the designer in you.
The 36e8 system consists of base, thin, wall plans and lecture notes in which you can integrate the appliances you prefer.

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