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Private villa in Ceresara

Private villa in Ceresara

Where: Private villa in Ceresara (Mn)
Designer: Luciana Volpi

The project involved a very interesting challenge for us: to create a modern and welcoming space at the same time.

How to do that? We have expanded environments both structurally, both relying on color games, with great satisfaction by the owners.


Inside the kitchen we mixed the modernity of kitchen Artematica Vitrum Valcucine, characterized by an elegant white glass, and the materiality of the Bourgeois table Baxter.

To enlarge the living perception of the environment we installed the sliding glass doors and changed the structure of the drywall on which we installed lights Flos Skygarden. The protagonist of this open space is the Budapest sofa Baxter.

Inside the bathroom we installed a tank completely covered in glass, the piece that makes this apartment a “unique.”

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