Furniture through tradition and family

Baxter’s goal is to create design furniture that can convey emotions in every particular, recollecting the sense of tradition and family that characterized the company from more than 20 years.

Baxter combines the excellence of craftspeople and the new techniques. This brand is ideal for who have the courage to renew the atmosphere of its home, but still maintains a classic taste.

Culture, quality and aesthetics are the key concepts around which takes place Baxter’s production and design.

Unique design of past and present


In any production process there is a high manual component that provides complete control. The quality of the products Baxter can be seen in the perfection of the finishing.


Artisan component allows customers to customize the product. In this way, relying on Baxter will be a satisfying experience that will leave you fully satisfied.

Discover the uniqueness of  Baxter’s furnitures