A wonderful design

Valcucine from thirty years arises a goal: the search for beauty. Of course it combined with functionality and solidity. Its kitchens are the result of successful marriage between industry and crafts, which can conceive unique furniture, which are rooted in tradition, using a contemporary language.

The end result?

A rigorous and essential design, able to emerge from the gray world of standardized products.

The attention to ergonomics and eco Valcucine coexist in perfect harmony with natural materials and precious inserts craft. They are the only ones that give character and uniqueness Sine tempore, the new kitchen elm Valcucine.

Rigor and ergonomics here is the perfect kitchen


Valcucine has developed ergonomic studies advanced to build a custom kitchen, where size, distances, opening systems and visibility are perfectly suited to those who will use it, like a tailored suit.


Human health is one of the priority attention of Valcucine. The control of volatile substances of paints and glues, the artificial radioactivity, the choice of environmentally friendly materials and natural finishes are daily choices of the company.


Valcucine is always looking for innovative technologies, enabling the production of dematerializing. This allows the creation of products that reduce to a minimum the amount of material and energy used.


The recovery of craftsmanship in contemporary form has led to the possibility of inlays on wood and glass compositions of reproducing real works of art, creating a unique piece of furniture.

Find out how ergonomics and eco-design know how to create beautiful kitchens.