Paola Lenti

Balanced design and essential

From the creative genius of designer Paola Lenti always arise a new domestic landscapes characterized by a strong balance between components opposed to each other, as modern technology and the past tradition, indoor and outdoor, wood, fabric and metal. Paola Lenti’s furnitures are designed to withstand over time, even in open environments such as gardens or porches, always ensuring comfort and style unique.

Materials are chose with care. It is not rare to find among its products, surfaces with floral crochet and fine carpets made with hi-tech yarns.

High quality and sophisticated materials


Everything is designed with a particular ability to appear completely natural. Colors and shapes are chosen for its furniture and home furnishings know connect so perfectly to express harmony and consistency in every product.


The resistance of the fabrics is given by the materials used for the production. Each thing is made from the best fibers, both natural and synthetic, and worked by hand to ensure the best functional and aesthetic qualities.


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Paola Lenti

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