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Bora induction hob

Bora induction hob

Bora consists in an induction stove and is distinguished by classic hobs thanks to its innovative integrated vacuum cleaner. You can adapt it to every kitchen and it takes only few minutes to install it.
Made of pure stainless steel and ceramic hob, it is made in two different variants: as the exhaust air system or recirculating air system.

bora basic hob with integrated hood

The solution to the problem of odors in the kitchen

On the countrary of conventional extractor hoods, that aspire the steam when it rises up, and risk that that steem spread in the space and cause bad odors, Bora System presenta n integratewd hood that make steem aspiration possible right at the point in which it forms.

Hi-tech system of last generation

The innovation that Bora brings to your kitchen is even demonstrated  by the modern high-performance electronics. Developed entirely by Bora, the interactive structure is characterized by a complete easiness of use.

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